Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS)

This is the start of the technology roadmap you’ve been searching for!

Say goodbye to obsolescence. Our Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) business model will deliver a complete service offering including proactive Managed Services, all required hardware equipment, and onsite support without the initial IT investment in owning depreciating systems. Let us worry about that. This service is completely customized to your unique business.

We have been providing this Custom Computer production and fulfillment service model to our customers for over 15 years, and have found that managing a rapidly changing IT environment can be challenging for any business. We will take care of all your needs in-house.

Our complete Hardware-as-a-Service solution assures that your IT Infrastructure remains current while maximizing productivity and compatibility.

Let our team of experts help guide you through the complete IT lifecycle.

Rental or Lease, What’s Right for your Organization?

TrinWare’s Hardware as a Service options allows our customers to include initial services such as, Network Assessment, Installation, Software requirements, Annual Managed Services Contract Expenses, and other IT related costs.


  • Rental agreements can be 2 or 3 years
  • Rental payments are an Operating Expense, 100% tax deductible**
  • Increased tax advantages**
  • Eliminates Depreciation expense calculations
  • No impact on your balance sheet**
  • Sales Tax Payments are handled by TrinWare Financing
  • TrinWare Managed Services handles support; on-site or replacement
  • TrinWare handles refresh and recycle as necessary


  • Term Length Options: $1.00 Buyout 24-60 months; Full Market Value (FMV) 36-48 month options
  • The equipment is an asset on your balance sheet**
  • Annual Depreciation expense is tax deductible**
  • Interest Expense is tax deductible**
  • Sales Tax Paid may be a credit on the Schedule C**
  • TrinWare Managed Services handles support; on-site or replacement
  • Hardware is yours at the end of the lease term. TrinWare is available to continue support past the term of the lease.

**Please Contact your Accounting Professional for Tax Advice and Applicable Laws.



Lease w/$1.00 Buyout

Lease w/Fair Market Value (FMV)

Contact TrinWare today. Let us focus on your IT Infrastructure so you can focus on your core business strategy while increasing profitability and operational efficiencies.