Our Company Culture

The strength of this company lies in the people we employ.  Therefore, we provide the highest degree of security and income for all our staff as their expertise, talent and passion exemplify Trinware’s vision.  Each individual has experience in a different area of the computer field ranging from the manufacturing of computers and product procurement, to project research and sales. The continual and successful management of these multitude of dispersed systems via our proactive Managed Services approach is what separates TrinWare from its competitors. 

Our customers look upon us and the products that we sell as one entity.  We will only represent companies whose products and policies are such that we can take pride in offering them to our customers.  We will continually pursue mutually beneficial and equitable business relationships with our customers, vendors and suppliers.

We will conduct business according to the principles of honesty, integrity, and ability.  We value our citizenship in the industry and community and are aware of the accompanying social responsibilities.

Over 100 years experience

In 2004, Microsel of Colorado LLC was founded to fill the niche in the market that was not being addressed by standard channels of product procurement.  Through the collective efforts of our seasoned veterans, our company has thrived.

Each individual has expertise in a different area of the custom computer field ranging from the manufacturing of computers and product procurement, to project research and sales. Combined, these individuals have over 100 years of industry experience. Our knowledge and experience at TrinWare is difficult to find in today’s custom computing marketplace.  Every employee at Trinware has the background and wisdom to continually provide quality computing products every time. Our customers continue to benefit from this experience and tenacity and you should too.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is simple: Your Business Operations, Software engineering and other revenue generating practices and efforts are what our customers do best. Engineering, manufacturing, software imaging, fulfilling, supporting, integrating and managing computer systems and devices are what we do best! 

Our motto surrounding this is simple:

“We build, provide and manage custom computer systems and solutions, we do it right, and we do it right now!”

Trinware acts as an independent contractor for a variety of manufacturers in the computer industry.  In this capacity, our function is to provide total marketing expertise, the best service and deliverables to our principals and as a result, achieve or surpass their sales expectations.  To accomplish this, our company must have an organized approach involving our employees, our principals and our customers.