STEP 1:  Discovery

Trinware always begins the discovery process by speaking directly with our customers in order to determine the correct solution to fit your specific needs.

Meet: The Trinware account manager meets with you to discuss your system requirements.  Each process is unique and designed custom for your specific solution.

Evaluate: Your account manager meets with the experienced, educated Trinware technicians and operational staff to evaluate your product needs.

Strategize: Timelines are established and production requirements are understood. Additionally, Trinware prepares for any additional production requirements for future orders.

The Discovery Process

STEP 2:  The Solution

The Trinware solution combines all of the appropriate hardware, software and individual specifications to manufacture your machine exactly how you want it.  Every machine is built CONSISTENTLY and ACCURATELY every single time.

your custom technology solution

Computer Chassis

1. Chassis


2. Motherboard

Intel Microprocessors

3. Microprocessor

Computer Peripherals

4. Peripherals

Operating Systems5. Operating System

Your custom software6. Add Your Secret Sauce!

computer accessories7. Accessories

*Your Secret Sauce

TrinWare will facilitate the addition of your “secret sauce” during the fulfillment process in an effort to provide and deliver to your customers a complete “turn-key” solution based on your exact specifications. Whether it’s a proprietary piece of hardware or your custom software, TrinWare will integrate this into your system and solutions efficiently and effectively assuring accurate and consistent delivery of services to you and your customer.


At TrinWare, Fulfillment Accessories are often not what you would think of in the traditional computer sales or computing device environment. Sure, typically there is a Keyboard, monitor and other computer accessories (or peripherals) associated with your sale.

Fulfillment Accessories – At TrinWare, Fulfillment Accessories often take on a whole new meaning. These are the additional accessories, often custom and specific to your application or solution that are required as part of your product differentiation and often provide you your marketplace advantage. These are the types of accessories we are accustomed to fulfilling, packaging and including in computing solutions for customers all over the world. Just some of the “Accessories” we have provided along with computing solutions include;

Cameras (IP and Analog), custom camera’s and lenses (assembled and tested by TrinWare), LCD/LED and Monitor Mounts (assembled and tested), Touch Devices (programmed and tested – IPAD’s, Tablets and Other custom touch peripherals), LCD TV’s, proprietary sensors, meters, medical devices, screws, bolts, mounting hardware and a whole host of other unique devices required by our customers.

As this list continues to grow, and TrinWare begins to test and assemble, kitting, which we are experts at, becomes part of the custom solution. Whether you want to see one part number and an associated “bill of materials” or multiple part #’s, TrinWare is your kitting partner of choice.

It is this unique and customized fulfillment of these accessories and kitting that TrinWare provides for many of their customers today. Coupled with custom computing devices, TrinWare provides the ultimate in turn-key solutions for our customers.

STEP 3: Fulfillment

Fulfillment Drop Shipping

Whether it is a single PC, multiple servers or a combination of thousands of machines, we will get the product(s) where they need to be, on time.