Repair Reimbursement Program

Trinware will reimburse customers for each hardware incident in which a customer’s service technician performs a successful repair to a Trinware built system.  Trinware will pay the reimbursement on all systems that have a 3-year depot warranty for the 1st year of that warranty. Dealers will receive a $30 credit per incident when they purchase 30 systems/month and a $40 credit per incident when they purchase 60 systems/month. Contact your Trinware account manager today for details.

Depot Warranty Program

Trinware will build each system for customers with a 3-year depot warranty, which will qualify each machine for repair reimbursement. The 3-year depot warranty will cost $39 per system. A 1-year depot warranty is included at no charge on all systems built by Trinware. For dealers; however, repair reimbursement will not be valid on systems without a 3 year depot warranty.

RMA Program

Trinware has several options for RMA of product. Customers may have product cross-shipped, swapped, and/or tested (on hardware which is under warranty). Expedite your RMA by visiting our website for on-line RMA processing. All normal RMA procedures apply.

Safety Stock/Parts Closet Inventory

Trinware will provide an inventory of parts to customers to be kept by the customer for RMA purposes only. The customer will not be billed for these parts unless they are used for repair of Trinware. The quantity and part descriptions to be placed in safety stock by Trinware are to be determined by the customer and reviewed by Trinware.

Marketing Support

We provide our customers with several types of marketing support. Frequently, Trinware brings together our customers with our partners from Intel and Microsoft and other leading manufacturers. These informational seminars provide our customers the first opportunity to learn about ground breaking products and services hitting the marketplace. In addition, Trinware’s website has a myriad of information regarding the latest in technologies available to aid in product analysis and ensures compatibility.

Co-Op Advertising

Trinware operates on a net/net basis. Additional co-op programs need to be proposed to Trinware and reviewed for approval.

Tech Support

Trinware provides technical assistance with dedicated account support. Technical support can be reached toll free at 1-800-381-1083 x215 Monday – Friday from 8:30am – 5:30pm.

Sales Support

Trinware dedicates one sales person as well as a sales assistant and or a regional support team to handle pricing, quotes, account programs, ordering, etc. Trinware strives to provide the best on-line purchasing experience possible. Website customization and other on-line capabilities are available to Trinware customers. More importantly, there is always a person here to assist you with your computing needs. You can contact us toll free at 1-800-381-1083 or visit us on-line at