TrinWare Fulfillment Services

Trinware is a TRUE custom computing fulfillment house.

Imagine specifying completely custom options for your computing needs including chassis, motherboards, CPU’s, peripherals, operating system and more!

Now imagine letting us build it, package it with your brand and send it directly to the customer as though it came directly from you!

Stocking and Kitting

Trinware doesn’t just store and kit, we make the entire kitting process more efficient.

Trinware offers a highly secure, monitored stocking and kitting facility to store your products. Our highly structured and integrated warehouse logistics program ensures that your products move from our facility to their destination at a moment’s notice. Not shipping anything? Come pick it up at our will call counter.

Our kitting service pairs the parts you need with the systems you trust. Our experienced staff consistently and accurately builds and packages countless solutions each month. Add this in with storage services, professional fulfillment, custom branding, and shipping/tracking solutions. and you have a grouping of services which can be utilized in any combination that fit your individual business requirements. Let Trinware stock, kit, ship, track and report your shipments effortlessly and seamlessly.

Custom Branding

Whether we are sending a server, workstation, computer system or entire pallet of mixed systems, parts and peripherals; your logo can be displayed on any (or all) sides of your custom boxes or even directly on some systems.

Every item we ship has engineered protective inner packaging, foam heavy-duty double wall boxes. Top opening packaging allows for easy access to products and accompanying peripheral items.

Logo position and relative size is entirely up to you. Trinware will accommodate your custom design and layout. Don’t have existing packaging? Trinware has been marketing custom computing products for a combined 100 years. We can help you through the branding process so that your brand sticks in the mind of your customers.

Kitting and Fulfillment

Trinware has become an expert in the kitting, fulfillment and distribution of products and parts associated with your computer needs.  Today, standard distribution channels do not fit the needs of the highly customized requirements of the computer integration and configuration marketplace.

Trinware’s business model and facilities have been engineered and designed to accommodate and respond to the ever-changing nature of today’s computing environment and technologies.

Trinware acts as an independent contractor and vendor for a variety of corporations, manufacturers, ODM’s and OEM’s in the computer industry.   In this capacity, our function is to provide total marketing expertise, the best service and deliverables to our principals and as a result, achieve or surpass their expectations.  To accomplish this, our company must have an organized approach involving all stake holders: our employees, our principals and our customers.

Drop Shipping and Tracking

Trinware has a proven track record in successfully fulfilling (drop shipping) custom computing solutions and products for numerous customers. Trinware will schedule, stock, configure, image, brand and handle logistics for your custom computer and/or fulfillment requirements.

Over the past years, customers have enjoyed seamless, trouble-free shipments of their products from Trinware. Packages and custom systems leave our state of the art facility and arrive at your customers’ location branded as though they were shipped by you.

Trinware specializes in the fulfillment and kitting of parts and products for its customers. These services often go with and without computing devices. Let Trinware stock, kit, ship, track and report your shipments effortlessly and seamlessly.

Professional, On-Time Shipping

At Trinware, secure packaging and shipping is crucial for every system. Whether you are picking up from our will call department, using a courier or having it shipped by UPS or FedEx, we guarantee you and your customer a positive “out-of-the-box” experience.